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Carmen Jane is a diversity and inclusion professional with 7 years experience in the industry. She began her career at the University of Cincinnati working for the Racial Awareness Program, the oldest running social justice inter-dialogue group in the country. In 2016 Carmen moved to New York City to focus her career on Diversity and Inclusion education and training in specialized fields such as the healthcare industry and Higher Education Sector. To date Carmen has worked with over seven dozen organizations, businesses, firms and companies where she infuses her love of pop culture, fashion and social justice to facilitate dynamic and captivating trainings and workshops.”

Carmen Jane

JoJo Azevedo

Jojo Azevedo is a Diversity Consultant and Administrative Manager at CCOJ, specializing in creating content for social justice education. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, where he received his BA in Communication with a minor in Asian studies. He is also a "gaymer", karaoke buff, and lover of cats.

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